First steps

You need to install 2 apps.

Install the sender app on the device you play the game.

Install the score app on the device you want to display the score.

To connect both apps please open the apps on each device and login. This way the apps are connected.

Also make sure both devices are in the same WIFI network.


Sender app

All settings are done in the sender app.

First you select the crop of the score area. (look at the following screenshot)

The first 5 presets can not be changed.

Create your own custom presets starting with “Custom 1”

You can Change the values of the Preset and set a new preset name.

You can also set a new background image for the score app.



Score app

Tab anywhere on the screen to show the menu buttons.

You can change the score layout to full screen or half screen by pressing the change layout-button

You can refresh the stream by pressing the refresh- button.




Download APPS

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