Digital Plunger


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Digital Plunger for all pinball machines with 24mm and 30mm button holes

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Digital Plunger (universal Virtual Plunger)

  • For all pinball machines with 24mm and 30mm button holes
  • 2 minute installation. no tools needed

Elevate your virtual pinball experience with our Digital Plunger, the ultimate accessory for pinball enthusiasts. This universal digital plunger is engineered to be compatible with any virtual pinball machine featuring a 30 mm or 24mm (standard button size) hole, ensuring a seamless fit for a wide array of setups. Whether you have a custom-built pinball cabinet or a virtual pinball game setup, our plunger kit is designed to integrate effortlessly, providing an pinball launch mechanism. The plunger kit is a must-have for any virtual pinball machine owner looking to upgrade their game. With easy installation, it’s designed to fit everywhere, truly embodying the universal appeal of pinball. Get ready to spring into action and bring the arcade right into your home with our versatile and universally usable digital plunger kit!


How it works:
On pulling back the plunger activates the launch button.
The longer you push back the plunger the stronger the shot will be.


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