Sharpin King 4K ready


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Full-Size Digital Pinball Machine with 43 inch 4K Playfield and 27-inch Backglass and 10" DMD (LCD). Includes a Gaming PC with GeForce Graphics Card.
The Pinball Machine comes flat packed and needs to be assembled. The assembly is very easy and there is a Tutorial and video instructions available.

4k ready: The machine features a 4K Display but the PC is optimised for FULL HD gaming. If you want 4K gameplay in the future you just need to use a more powerful Graphics card.

Main Features:

  • Full size Cabinet
  • 43 inch 4K Playfield Monitor
  • 27 inch Backglass Monitor
  • 10 inch DMD (LCD)
  • Gaming PC for 4K Pinball games
  • plug and play. comes with games installed - ready to use


Additional information

Weight 100 kg