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With the SharpinX, we want to offer an affordable solution to start the digital pinball hobby.

With the Sharpin X you get the perfect starterkit. The Starterkit is even ready for remote play. Just slide in your monitor and play remotely using your PC. 

If you want the Sharpin X to work standalone you can add the needed parts in our pinball configurator or use hardware you already own.

Choose between different monitors, speakers, android boxes and even additional backglass displays.

For a unique design you can add different decal stickers, siderails, buttons and acrylic glass.



With the starterkit you get:

  • Superior quality CNC cut black wood. German quality.
  • Screws and small parts
  • Arcade Buttons
  • Gamepad Encoder Board
  • Manual and instructions
  • Personal Support

Additional parts you can add once we start shipping:

  • Designer Decals (Stickers)
  • Siderails
  • high quality acrylic glass
  • 24″ Full HD Display
  • Android Game Box lite
  • Android Game Box ULTRA
  • Basic stereo Speaker
  • Advanced stereo Speakers
  • Backglass Monitor


Standalone Pinball

Choose from a variety of high quality Android pinball games such as Pinball Deluxe: Reloded, The Pinball Arcade and many others

PC connection

If you want to play games only available on the PC, just connect it to your workstation and play Future Pinball, Virtual Pinball and many more.

play any game

This system isn’t limited to just pinball games. Connect a gamepad and play any Android game you like in portrait mode.

standalone system

PC connection possible

reasonable price

pure aesthetics

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